Our ethos is to source the freshest tasting coffee we possibly can from the best coffee producing regions.

We have taken a long time, working closely with our roastery and getting customer feedback to produce a blend which is rich and smooth with a little bite. It produces amazing crema and works extremely well with all espresso based drinks.

Recently we have taken the decision to only supply decaffeinated coffee that has been processed without the use of harsh chemicals. We now have a beautiful single origin that has been decaffeinated using CO2. 

​We often have different blends and single origin coffee's for use in filter, cafetière, and most other brewing methods. It all depends what is in season and available


Espresso Blend

50% Ethiopian Mocha Djimmah Arabica

20% Brazil Mogiana Arabica

20% Washed Central American Arabica

20% Naturally Processed Robusta from Vietnam


CO2 Decaf

100% Latin American Arabica


Other Coffee we have

Arabica Triple Certified Peruvian Espresso

100% Organic, Fair Trade & Rainforest Alliance

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