Are you running a Café, Restaurant, B&B, Farm Shop, Garden Centre or Public House? Are you involved in the provision of fine food and drink? Then we can help you with all your hot beverage needs. We have a great selection of Espresso Blends, Single Origin Coffees, Teas, Hot Chocolate and other ancillary items. If we don’t have what you are looking for or you require something really special, we can almost certainly source it for you through our network of industry experts.


We can also help if you need any Barista Supplies, Coffee Brewing Equipment, Espresso Machines and Grinders. We try to listen to our customers’ needs and provide a service and related products which satisfy that need. We can offer several different financing methods be this rental, lease or purchase outright on all our coffee machines and equipment. Unlike some other suppliers we don’t tie you into lengthy coffee purchasing contracts, we feel if you are getting a good product, value for money and good service you will keep coming back, no contract required!

If you would like details about the products and services we offer please get in touch either through our “get in touch” page or email Please email with Wholesale in the subject heading it makes our response a little quicker.


Thanks Adam, Frances & The Bear

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