The Background:

Chocolate Tiger, as a name, was created when one of our founders was travelling around Australia. This is his brief story of how Chocolate Tiger came to be.

The economic climate was pretty bad back in 2002 and finding a job whilst travelling was somewhat difficult. I spent many hours bumming around and frequented quite a few cool, funky cafés in Bondi. The café culture and coffee scene was well underway in Oz and hadn’t even started in the UK. I was becoming part of the furniture at one of my favourite haunts when I was eventually offered a bit of work in return for food and coffee. This seemed a fair deal and it was whilst working here that Chocolate Tiger was named. The Café, “Love in a Cup” had a children’s menu called the Chocolate Tiger club which I thought was a great name for a business.  I asked my new employer, Brad for $2, which Brad thought was quite odd having always been happy with food and coffee as payment. Brad obliged and I rushed off to an internet café. Remember them? Where the café aspect came from I have no idea as it was just a bleak room full of long rows of computers with geeky nerdy types playing games! Anyway, I used the $2 to get online and register the web domain hoping one day I might be able to use this for a business. This day happened in early 2016.

What is Chocolate Tiger

Currently Chocolate Tiger is a mobile coffee company. We have a converted horse trailer and visit festivals, events, weddings and private functions in and around East Anglia. We supply espresso based coffee drinks, teas, hot chocolate, soft drinks, cakes and bakes. Our family business has been running approximately 3 years. It is a very seasonal business and we would like to open a static venue so our customers can enjoy our wares all year round.

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